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Cage culture of Nile tilapia in Togo

Photo credit: Asma Sabi (Togo) Description: Asma Sabi and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website) The inserted photo shows a cage farming operation in Lake Nangbeto in Togo. The lake is a man-made lake for hydro-electric power generation with a size of 18,000 ha. Cage farming was introduced in Lake Nangbeto by private …

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Marine cage aquaculture in Indonesia

Credit: Anna Jamil (Indonesia) The photo shows marine cages located in the east of java (Java Islands) and represent marine cages located in other places especially surrounding islands in east part of Indonesia. Marine fish which are commonly cultured in these cages include grouper of the species Plectrocopormus leopardus, Epinephelus suillus, Epinephelus tauvina, cheilinus undulates, …

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