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Handling and preparation of Pacu (Colossoma macropomun) in Bolivia

Credit: Leon Felipe Alviz (Bolivia) In this fishery community, women and children receive the fish catch from fishermen who belong to the community for preparation. In this particular photo, children of different ages are handling several specimens of Pacu, Colossoma macropomun. In such remote areas whereas the city electricity is lacking fish are usually consumed …

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Producción de Alevines de Colossoma macropomun (Production of Colossoma fingerlings in Bolivia) in Spanish

The objective of this project is to produce fingerlings of Colossoma macropomun as required by stock enhancement and aquaculture programs in Etnia Tacana (Bolivia). The project includes the rationality of the project as well as the technical and financial components. Hatchery technology and management including induced reproduction and nutrition are addressed in this project. The …

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