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Fishing canoes at the Kpong landing site, Manya Krobo (Ghana)

Credit: Patrick Appenteng (Ghana) The photo shows two man-paddle canoes of length 3-5m long at the Kpong landing site in the Lower Manya Krobo District of the Eastern Region of Ghana. Dominating some section of the Volta Lake is in the area is massive aquatic weed growth. These have over the past few decades posed a …

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Rural aquaculture in Malawi (Establishment, management and impacts)

Credit: Gaves Mulaleya (Malawi) It is estimated that there are about 4,000 small-scale fish farmers in Malawi. A typical farmer has one or two small pond and harvests about 13 kg of fish per annum. Ponds are normally constructed by family members and sometimes with help of hired labour. The majority of farmers use maize …

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Possible use of plant compost in aquaculture

Credit of the photos:  Photos used in this information bite have been taken from a pool of photos which was given to me by friends who participated in Warm water fish production during 2009 and 2010. Identified names are: shared with me from El-Sadig Arbab Hagar (Sudan) and Lylian Wilfred Mguhi Lugobola (Tanzania). Thanks to …

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Compost enclosure in a fish pond (Rwanda)

Credit: Fidele Kampayana (Rwanda): The photo shows a divider made of bamboo in an earthen fish pond whereas organic fertilization is practiced. The divider creates a compost enclosure, where the farmer puts organic fertilizers regularly renewable; this divider prevents the spread of manure in pond water because the compost enclosure is installed in the water …

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