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Fish trapping during the early 1900s in Cook Islands – eel trap

Photo credit: New Zealand Museum (A permission has been granted to use this picture on this site) This conical trap which has been known as “Inak” has a flat bottom and a narrow opening at the top. The trap is woven from the long thin coconut roots or the aerial roots of Freycinetia. The trap …

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Fish trapping in Volta Lake in Ghana

Credit: Patrick Appenteng (Ghana) Most water bodies in the world are being exploited using various gears. Among such gears is what is seen here. It is a local gear made from palm fronds called “borxe” in the “Ewe” local language in Ghana and it is a fish trap. It is used in catching green tilapia (Tilapia …

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Fish trapping in the Northen lakes in Egypt

The two photos show tapping of fish using wire traps. Fish trapping is used in any of the four northen lakes in Egypt which are namely: Manzala, Burullus, Edku and Maryut. Water shallowness, and the spread of aquatic weeds favor the use of fish traps especially the cost of these traps is very low. Most …

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