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Dotted Sea-slug (Peltodoris atromaculata)

Photo credit: Patricia Martin Cabrera Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)     The photo was taken in Granada (Spain) Introduction: The species is a marine gastropod molluscs that belongs to the family Discodorididae, class Gastropoda and phylum Mollusca which has been known as Peltodoris atromaculata or sometimes reported as Discodoris atromaculata. The Dotted Sea-Slug …

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Florida manatee (Description – habitats – Feeding habits)- Video

Video courtesy: the State Archives of Florida, USA The title of this video: “Florida Silent Sirens: Manatees in Peril” and was filmed during 1980s   The caption of the video states: “This is an excellent film about the plight of the endangered manatee. It is narrated by Leonard Nimoy and is full of beautiful underwater …

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Sea pens (habitat, description, feeding, reproduction) – Video

This video was taken in Monterey Bay Aquarium (USA) Introduction: Sea pens are colonial invertebrate marine cnidarians which belong to the order “Pennatulacea”. They are named because of their upright feathered appearance that resemblance the old fashioned quill pens. It is believed they occur in shallow and deep waters in tropical and temperate waters worldwide. …

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