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Shrimp and squids in Pamulang fish market, Banten Province (Indonesia)

Credit: Anna Jamil (Indonesia)      Description: Anna Jamil and Abdel Rahman El Gamal The two photos show the display of shrimp and squid in an Indonesian traditional fish market. The market is located in Pamulang, Banten Province. It is obvious as shown in the photos that both products especially shrimp are on ice for quality preservation. …

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Sea ranching of native fish and shrimp species in Thailand

Photos’ credit: Amnaj Siripech (Thailand)      Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal Sea ranching will be implemented in conjunction with the artificial reefs installation project as the sea ranching takes place one year after installing the artificial reef. The focus is given to local species of shrimp and fish will be released into the artificial …

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