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Oct 02 2017

Development and outlook of Egyptian aquaculture (2017 updated)

    This file is a copy of my very recent lecture on the development and outlook of Egyptian aquaculture. With the support of official figures, I did my best to analyse and predict the mode of development as well as the possible challenge. Among the key figures presented in the lecture is the new …

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Aug 22 2013

Historic development of Egyptian aquaculture (locally-made aerators)

The photo shows the first aerator unit introduced into Egyptian aquaculture during late 1990s. This single aerator was designed by the farm owner who is by nature a mechanical engineer whereas the manufacturing of this diesel-operator aerator was done in local workshop. Afterwards, the trade of imported aerators has flourished.

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Aug 30 2011

Egyptian Aquaculture – from regional and global perspectives

This presentation starts with an overview on world fish production as sorted into fishery resources, species and continents. Egyptian aquaculture is the focus of the presentation including production and development trends and requirements. Fish consumption and trade have been addressed. The relationship Egyptian fishery with regional and global fish production has been highlighted. Egyptian aquaculture …

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