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Sep 19 2017

Marine shrimp marking using eye-tagging (Video)

Video credit: David Kawahigashi (Thailand – Vannamei101) Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)   The video shows the eye-tagging of broodstock specimens of whiteleg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei).  This type of marking was found tolerable by shrimp especially large adult shrimp and is not lost during molting. Eye tags are commonly used to mark …

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Nov 13 2014

Live Fish Handling: During: stocking– sampling– harvesting- grading- marking- anesthesia- hatchery operations & transportation

This lecture was delivered during November, 2014 in Fish Culture Development training course. This course is annually organized by the “Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture – EICA”.  This lecture focuses on handling issues during main practices of aquaculture whether in hatcheries or farms. The handling stress is highlighted as well as means to alleviate the …

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