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Live fish handling (Updated 2016 version)

This lecture has been delivered by Dr. Abdel Rahman El Gamal during August 2016 as a contribution to the “Fish Culture Development training course – Africa” which is annually organized by the Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture (EICA) with the support by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The target groups of this lecture vary and …

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Live Fish Handling: During: stocking– sampling– harvesting- grading- marking- anesthesia- hatchery operations & transportation

This lecture was delivered during November, 2014 in Fish Culture Development training course. This course is annually organized by the “Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture – EICA”.  This lecture focuses on handling issues during main practices of aquaculture whether in hatcheries or farms. The handling stress is highlighted as well as means to alleviate the …

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Grading of sex-reversed tilapia fry in the Philippines

Credit: Ahmed Hegazy (Egypt)   The photos were taken in a commercial tilapia hatchery in the Philippines. The practice shows the grading of tilapia fry after the completion of the sex reversal process which is done in hapas in which 17ᾳ methayl testosterone is used for 21 days. The grading is an important practice in …

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Size grading of oyster in a processing establishment in France

Photo credit: Magd Al-Bawaab (Egypt)   Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website) The grading of live oyster is done for marketing and consumer preference purposes. According to French law, classifying oysters according to their individual weight is compulsory whether they are sold by the kilo or by the dozen. The photo shows …

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Constructing a simple net grader for tilapia or catfish fry in Benin

Photo credit: Ismael Radwan (Egypt) Description: Abdel Rahman El Gamal The two photos show a simple 2-unit fish grader made of a metal frame and netting materials which are locally available in Benin. As expected, the inner unit which is smaller and shallower should be made of larger-mesh net to enable larger size fry to …

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Grading of tilapia fry prior to hormonal sex reversal treatment in Benin

Credit: Ismael Radwan (Egypt) As established, the effectiveness of sex reversal process depends on several factors including the initial size (age) of treated fry. If the tilapia spawning and collection systems of the fry cannot guarantee the optimum size (age) of tilapia fry, a grading system will be required. The photo shows a simple grader …

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Live fish handling (Updated 2013 version)

This lecture was delivered in “Fish Culture Development” training course during October 2013. This 10-week international training course is annually hosted by the Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture (EICA). The lecture addresses key handling issues related to aquaculture practices including: Stocking (thermal acclimation, pH acclimation, salinity acclimation, osmosis, doubtful shipments, enumeration) Sampling (sampling frequency, sampling …

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Trout grading and feeding in Peru (in Spanish)

Credit: Wilder Rodrìguez Arteaga (Peru) SELECCIÓN: Es la actividad que permite clasificar  grupos de peces formando “Lotes”  desde los más grandes hasta los más pequeños. Las selecciones dependen de los resultados de las biometrías. ALIMENTACIÓN: Consta de 6 raciones al día de alimento balanceado, que a comparación de las zonas altas solo son 2 – 3 veces. Los FCA se …

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Size grading of harvested whiteleg shrimp (Liptopenaeus vannamei) in Thailand

Credit: Worawut Koedprang (Thailand)                     Description: Worawut Koedprang and Abdel Rahman El Gamal Two of the three photos show the hand grading of heads-on harvested whiteleg shrimp, Liptopenaeus vannamei. It is obvious that women contribute significantly to the grading process which takes place after cold bathing. In order to …

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Cold bathing of whiteleg shrimp, Liptopenaeus vannamei in Thailand

Credit: Worawut Koedprang (Thailand) The two photos show the workers while are pouring the whiteleg shrimp (Liptopenaeus vannamei) into an iced bath. This practice is necessary after harvesting and before grading. While the ice bath is shocking harvested shrimp, it will lead to preserving the meat quality of shrimp and extending its shelf life. Note: We decided …

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