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Size grading of oyster in a processing establishment in France

Photo credit: Magd Al-Bawaab (Egypt)   Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website) The grading of live oyster is done for marketing and consumer preference purposes. According to French law, classifying oysters according to their individual weight is compulsory whether they are sold by the kilo or by the dozen. The photo shows …

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Pearl culture in Tanzania

Photos’ credit: Fadhili Ruzika (Tanzania) Review: Fadhili Ruzika and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website) Pearl farming is a growing aquaculture activity in Tanzania especially on small- scale projects which could offer opportunities for income generation for coastal communities in Tanzania. The photos are for black-lip pearl oyster, (Pinctada margaritifera). The spats of …

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Rôle des femmes dans culture de ostréi (Crassostrea gasar) au Sénégal – in French

Credit: Lo OumySeck (Senegal) Les photos montrent le rôle des femmes dans l’ostréiculture au Sénégal. Les femmes qui s’investissent dans cette activité. Elles sont entrain de confectionner des guirlandes avec les d’huitres déjà consommées. Elles sont au bord de la route,  sur la partie descendante, cette partie permet de relier les différentes guirlandes en un …

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Farming practices of oyster and mussel in the Philippines

Credit: Hannibal M. Chavez (Philippines) Farming of oyster and mussel takes place in coastal areas. The methods commonly used are bottom, stake and hanging either from a rack or raft rack. The stake method is the most  commonly used. In terms of productivity, the hanging method is the most productive, followed by the stake, then the …

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Culture of oysters (Crassostrea belchiri) using cement and long line methods in Thailand

Credit: Worawut Koedprang (Thailand) The two photos show two methods of oyster farming that are namely cement and long line methods. The  3-4 cm; (3-4 months age)  Crassostrea belcheri  oysters are either stick on a cement  pole or stick on a rope using cement and then after, they are placed in the chosen rearing ground in …

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Oyster cultivation in Pakistan

Credit: Mukhtiar Ahmed (Pakistan) One of the photos shows the construction of rafts for the cultivation of oysters and mussels at Gharo creek coastal belt of Sindh Pakistan. The second photo shows the examination of oyster spats on empty shells at Ambra creek, Sindh.   Note: We decided not to watermark the photos in order not to upset its …

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El cultivo de ostras (Crassostrea sp.) En México – in Spanish

Credit: Jorge Valdiviezo (Mexico) En tanto, durante el 2004, el ostión fue la tercera especie de importancia comercial para México. En ese año su producción llegó a las 48.251 toneladas y su cultivo se realiza de manera extensiva y semi-intensiva. Las especies que se producen en ese país son la Crassostrea virginica, la Crassostrea gigas …

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Seafood display in the Municipal Market “La Boquera”, Barcelona (Spain)

Credit: Gabriel Salvo (Chile)                             Supplemented text: Abdel Rahman El Gamal These photos were taken in the Municipal market “La Boquera”, Barcelona, Spain The variety of seafood displayed in the two photos indicates the high per capita consumption of seafood in Spain. …

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