Seafood display in the Municipal Market “La Boquera”, Barcelona (Spain)

Credit: Gabriel Salvo (Chile)                             Supplemented text: Abdel Rahman El Gamal

These photos were taken in the Municipal market “La Boquera”, Barcelona, Spain

The variety of seafood displayed in the two photos indicates the high per capita consumption of seafood in Spain.

One of the two photos shows oysters which are often eaten raw with some lemon juice. Oysters are also prepared as breaded or fried.

The second photo shows clams (mesh bag); Lobster (basket); Prawns named “cigala”. Salmon appears in the right bottom corner of the photo. The cigala is also called the Norway Lobster or Dublin Bay Prawn. They are found in the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the North Sea, but are not common in the Mediterranean. They are often prepared by boiling, cooked on a flat grill or fried.

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