Fish display in retail shops in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

These photos were taken in Riyadh fish market in March 2012. One of the photos shows a typical retail shop whereas fish displayed are almost marine and marketed as fresh fish. However, tilapia is sold in some shops as demanded more by foreign residents whether from Arab or South East countries. The main marine species include grouper, blackspot emperor, pomfret, and narrow-barred Spanish mackerel. Also, shrimp and lobster are displayed in these shops (shrimp is seen in the round tray on lower stands). While almost all marine finfish comes from capture fishery, a significant quantity of marine shrimp is locally farmed. Tilapia are locally produced through aquaculture (ponds, cages) and supplemented through importation.

The second photo shows from distance a retail fish shop with preparation facilities and as explained by the banner of the shop, grilling, frying and cooking could be prepared in this shop.

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