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Fish market “Feskekorka” in Gotemburg, Sweden

Photo credit: Gabriel Salvo Parra (Chile)        Description: Gabriel Salvo Parra and Abdel Rahman El Gamal The photo shows the seafood market in Gotemburg, Sweden which is named in Swedish “Feskekorka” that means “fish church”.  Seafood and fish of highest quality are sold in this market. The catch from the North Sea is brought here directly, …

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Seafood display in the Municipal Market “La Boquera”, Barcelona (Spain)

Credit: Gabriel Salvo (Chile)                             Supplemented text: Abdel Rahman El Gamal These photos were taken in the Municipal market “La Boquera”, Barcelona, Spain The variety of seafood displayed in the two photos indicates the high per capita consumption of seafood in Spain. …

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