Fish market “Feskekorka” in Gotemburg, Sweden

Photo credit: Gabriel Salvo Parra (Chile)        Description: Gabriel Salvo Parra and Abdel Rahman El Gamal

The photo shows the seafood market in Gotemburg, Sweden which is named in Swedish “Feskekorka” that means “fish church”.  Seafood and fish of highest quality are sold in this market. The catch from the North Sea is brought here directly, guaranteeing the freshest mackerel as well as shellfish.

The Fish Church was established in 1874 upon the request of the wives of the fishermen who showed the need for a building in which they could sell their fish. The city architect at the time, Victor von Gegerfelt borrowed the architecture design of Gothic church in designing this market with its steeply pitched roof and large oriel windows. The architect was keen to have the market totally without inside poles.

Seafood Market in Gotemburg (Sweden)


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