Historic information on fisheries in Yemen (1946) – Camels consuming dried sardines

Source: E.B. Worthington, Middle East Science, 1946. Publisher: London: His Majesty’s Stationery Office

Marine fisheries: Gulf of Aden

Caption of the photo: Camels and men consuming dried sardines at Mukalla on the Hadramaut coast

The following paragraph is cited from the above source: The Aden Protectorate, extending eastward along the southern shore of the Arabian Peninsula, is one of the few parts of the world where in normal times fish is in superabundance. The coastal Arabs are essentially a maritime people, fishing and handling the intricate dhow traffic of the Indian Ocean, and for much of the year they appear to eat little but fish. Even their transport camels, plying between the coast and the unique civilization of the Wadi Hadramaut 100 miles inland, are foddered to a large extent on dried sardines. Farther east, beyond Saihut, where the true “Ichthyophagi” live, even cattle are foddered on fish.

Camels eating sardines in Yemen



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