Live fish handling (Updated 2013 version)

This lecture was delivered in “Fish Culture Development” training course during October 2013. This 10-week international training course is annually hosted by the Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture (EICA).

The lecture addresses key handling issues related to aquaculture practices including:

Stocking (thermal acclimation, pH acclimation, salinity acclimation, osmosis, doubtful shipments, enumeration)

Sampling (sampling frequency, sampling methods and gears, sampling size)

Harvesting (selective harvesting, harvest methods, draining, stress and fish quality)

Grading (hand grading, automated grading, importance of grading, types of graders)

Marking (reasons of marking, group marking, individual marking, branding, body cavity tags)

Anesthesia (levels of anesthesia, anesthetics, doses, induction of anesthesia, MS222, withdrawal period)

Hatchery operations (broodstock acquisition, electrofishing, trapping, egg stripping, ringer solution, micropyle, fertilizing solution, incubation, influencing factors, fry nursing)

Transportation (physical parameters, water quality, Bohr effect, tank transport, insulation, plastic bags, safe transport, loading rates, reducing water temperature, added substances during fish transport)

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