Culture of Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus in circular cages in Lake Volta (Ghana)

Credit: Patrick Appenteng (Ghana)

The photo shows circular cages on the Volta Lake located in the Asuogyaman District of Ghana for the culturing of Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus. Total number is five (5). Three (3) have a dimension of 40m circumference ×7m depth whilst the other two (2) also have a dimension of 60m circumference x7m depth. In between the cages is a walkway made from local materials of wood. One of the photos shows the cage workers on the walkway while carrying sacs of fish feed.

Directly opposite the cages is the serene mountainous scene in the area intertwined by Volta gorge created by the construction of Akosombo dam in the District which is also noted for its diverse tourist sites.

Culture of Nile tilapia in circular cages in Ghana (01) Culture of Nile tilapia in circular cages in Ghana (02)





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