Fish smoking and commonly used smoker “Chorkor” in Ghana

Credit: Patrick Appenteng (Ghana)

In Ghana most harvested fish from aquaculture are usually processed and enjoyed by grilling; which usually go well with a local dish called “banku and hot pepper sauce”.

This is however not the case with most fishes from the various inland and marine water bodies: Fishes from these sources are usually smoked on locally accepted smoking plants called the “chorkor” smoker.

The insert shows a “chorkor” smoker which is used by fish processors at the Kpong landing site in the Lower Manya Krobo District, although it is almost used in the whole country of Ghana for processing fish from the various water bodies.

The “chorkor” smoker is made from mud either in a rectangular or square shape, with a single or double stoke hole. The insert however has a single stoke hole. Fishes are arranged on wooden trays which are placed on each other (sometimes up to 15 trays on a single smoker). The “chorkor” is most preferred for smoking fish in Ghana because of added advantages of easy smoking, gives well smoked fish, ability to smoke many fishes at a time among many others.

Ghana - Fish smoking and smokers



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