Experimental polyculture of tilapia in shrimp ponds in Thailand

Credit: Kevin Fitzsimmons (USA)

The photo shows an earthen shrimp pond in which tilapia cages are installed. The aerators in the pond indicate the intensification level of pond management. This experimental operation is carried out at Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand. The key outcomes of this operation show > 90% as survival rates. The yield of shrimp amounted around 3000 kg/ha while tilapia yield amounted 1500 kg/ha. The average size of tilapia is about 10 g upon stocking and reaches about 300 g upon harvesting after 10 weeks.

Source: Remedios Bolivar, Yang Yi Wilfrido Contreras, and Kevin Fitzsimmons, 2003. International cooperation in evaluation of environmental & economic impacts of tilapia-shrimp polycultures.

Shrimp tilapia polyculture in Thailand

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