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Vegetable production in a recirculating aquaponic system using Nile tilapia with and without freshwater prawn  

Photo credit: Kevin Fitzsimmons (USA) Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website) Note: The information below has been distilled from the reference paper   The photo shows a pilot aquaponic unit installed at, the University of Arizona (Tucson), (USA). The study was conducted and included three species of leafy vegetables that are namely …

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Experimental polyculture of tilapia in shrimp ponds in Thailand

Credit: Kevin Fitzsimmons (USA) The photo shows an earthen shrimp pond in which tilapia cages are installed. The aerators in the pond indicate the intensification level of pond management. This experimental operation is carried out at Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand. The key outcomes of this operation show > 90% as survival rates. The …

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Semi-intensive culture of tilapia in Peru

Credit: Carlos Calderón Deza via: Wilder Rodriguez Arteaga (Peru) In this production system, ponds of acreages from 0.5 to 3 acres are used with water exchange that ranges from 15 to 30% per day of the entire volume of the pond. In this system, aerators are used with aeration intensity that depends on the intensification level (ranges …

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An aquaponic project in Egypt – (Video)

Clip and information: Ashraf Gouda (Egypt)                                                 Description: Abdel Rahman El Gamal The attached file shows the construction and management of the project components. This slide show reflects the operation of the …

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Desert aquaculture for Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus when integrated with agricultural crops in Egypt Part 1- General features (in Arabic)

Credit: Mohamed El Gazzar (Egypt) الملامح العامة لأحد نماذج الاستزراع السمكى للبلطى فى الصحراء فى مصر تشير الصورة الأولى إلى حصاد أسماك البلطى من أحد تانكات مزرعة سمكية فى الصحراء يتم إدارتها بالأسلوب المكثف حيث يتراوح الإنتاج فيها من 28 – 32 كيلوجرام للمتر المكعب خلال الموسم الإنتاجى مع العلم بأن الطاقة الإنتاجية للمزرعة 120 …

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Production performance of a closed aquaculture system for tilapia in Egypt

Credit for the photos: El-Sadig Arbab Hagar (Sudan), Samuel Simon Zigizo (South Sudan) and David Martin Sykora (Paraguay). Credit for the technical information: Ismael Radwan (project owner, Kafr El Sheikh, Egypt) Photo A-1 shows the whole biological filter for a 240-m3 closed aquaculture project. Photo A-2 shows the plastic rings which are the main substrate …

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