Sturgeon farming and caviar production in France – Video

Credit: Laurent DeverLanges (France – Caviar de Neuvic)

Review : Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the video channel and website)


The video tours a facility dedicated for the production of caviar. The sturgeon farm has been established in November 2011. The 19-hectar farm is located in the town of Neuvic, along the banks of the River Isle. The farm is made up of four tanks fed by water drawn directly from the Isle River.

The demand on caviar in the light of the decrease of wild caviar has been the driving force for establishing this farm.

The sturgeons are bred in the farm from birth to the age of 7 years old or more, at which point the eggs can be extracted which takes place in a special laboratory.

The video addresses the standard issues of farm management such as water quality, food quality and the well-being of the sturgeons as well as the quality of their eggs.

Even though French is the language of the video, the English text translation enabled almost a full follow-up all of the contents. I have been told that the initiative of “No Kill Project – NKP” is just an idea under consideration and is not in the practice at the moment.


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