Induction of spawning in gilthead seabream, Sparus aurata in Egypt (Video)

This video was filmed in a governmental marine hatchery located in Alexandria. The video begins with the out-door tanks of the broodstock showing their feeding activity then passing quickly by the indoor tanks. The spawning practices especially the egg sampling and the implanting of hormone capsule is shown in the end of the video.

Gilthead seabream is a batch spawner and can spawn daily over a long period during the spawning season. When the hormonal induction for the spawning of the species is determined, the use of slow release implants is adopted. The implant contains 100 microgram of GnRHa/kg of females that had oocyte diameters >530 micrometer. The implant is coated with a safe and high-efficiency polymer slow-release transitive system – 95 percent of cholesterol and 5 percent of cellulose.

As you may see in the video, an implanting gun is used for implanting the hormone capsule in the dorsal muscle of fish. Also, one will be able to see the wound treatment after implanting.



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