Features of artisanal fishery in Lake Aheme (Benin)

Photos’ credit: Codjo Bertin Ahokin (Benin)

Review: Codjo Bertin Ahokin and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)

Artisanal fishery in Lakes (Benin) 01 Artisanal fishery in Lakes (Benin) 02



Inland fishery is a very important activity for the riverside communities in regard to job creation and food security through providing a reliable source of animal protein. There are thousands of fishermen who depend on inland fishery in their livelihoods. In addition, there is a larger number of people who are involved in related activities such as fishing gear salesmen, dugout canoe manufacturers, as well as those employed in the trade, processing, and storage of the catch. Artisanal fishermen use small wooden canoes with paddles and/or sails.

Most of the shrimp catch in the in the southern lakes including Lake Aheme is exported to the EU market. This has called for infrastructure improvements of landing sites where certificated shrimp collectors of exporting firms can purchase shrimp from fishermen and handle it to meet the quality standards for export. One of the photos show a seine night fishing in Lake Ahémé while the second photo shows the purse seines while get dried over nearby trees after a fishing round.



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