Processing and consumption of smoked fish in Terekeka (South Sudan)

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Smoked fish in Terekeka (South Sudan)





Fresh fish is prized by consumers in South Sudan. However, its high price keeps it beyond the reach of the average citizen and this becomes in favor of smoked fish which is very popular for South Sudanese consumers.

The instability and/or lacking of the public power supply necessitated the production of dried/smoked fish that enjoy the advantage of its long shelf-life under room temperature.

In the traditional fish smoking, firewood is used as fuel whereas smoking is done in earthen kilns located mainly in the landing sites off Terekeka along the Nile. The recent use of modern smokers “chorkor” is expected to improve the quality of the smoked product.

The inserted picture shows a Mundari fisherman carrying smoked fish in Terekeka bearing in mind that the Mundari people are main inhabitants of Terekeka County. One can also notice that large specimens of smoked large fish were split dorso-ventrally, and spread widely open, before being placed on the grid in the kiln.




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