Transporting of administering of fish feed in a cage farm in Ghana

Credit: Patrick Appenteng (Ghana)

Adminstering feed in a cage farm in Ghana Transporting feed to a cage farm in Ghana





The inserted photos belong to a cage farm in the Asuogyaman District, Ghana. The cage farmer uses a motorized local planked canoe of about 10m in length to cart feed to the farm. The farmer is the one sitting on his feed. The unfortunate thing is that such farmers may lose their expensive feed should the canoe capsize; otherwise, the feed could also become wet by the splashing of the lake water or through leakages in the canoe. As could be seen from the splashing of the water, the canoe is moving by a mechanical means (motorized) and not by manual propelling. The second photo shows the feeder of the above mentioned farm, feeding the fishes with some of the transported feed. The feed is a well-known brand of floating pellets.



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