Fish Culture Development training course – Africa – 2015 (Graduation)

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It was a real pleasure to attend the graduation ceremony of the Fish Culture Development training course which took place on 29 October, 2015 in the premise of the Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture (EICA).  Accepting the kind invitation of Eng. Yehia Sayed Mohammed (EICA Director General) gave me the opportunity to share EICA colleagues this important event and share friends who participated in the course their graduation and say goodbye. It has been also a pleasure to meet with JICA staff headed by Mr. Nakasone Shiro, Senior Representative of Japan International Cooperation Agency. Thanks to all.

The course participants are: Domwa Mathieu (Cameroon), Mouori Mbani epse Elingui Talia Gladis (Gabon), Sangangoumou Firmin Nicaise (Gabon), Saeed Mogtari (Ghana), Xedagbui Kwaku Francis (Ghana), Symon Ngwira (Malawi), Emmanuel Hahirwabasenga (Rwanda), Eric Ndayisaba (Rwanda), Gamal Hamid (Sudan), Mai Ahmed (Sudan), Lucka Paschal (Tanzania), Erick Kiiza (Tanzania), Apetse Sena Kodzo (Togo), Zanou Dossou (Togo), and Joseph Wandira (Uganda).

Note: Please note that my contribution to the EICA courses is just teaching and supervising group projects. In other words, I am not the one to be asked about participation in EICA courses. If you wish to may wish to visit EICA website:



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