Fish Culture Development training course (2003)

EICA 2003 (01)


Even though each of the training courses which I organized is very important especially in knowing new friends, some courses including this one have something to add. This course has been annually hosted by the Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture (EICA) since 1989 and I have been teaching in this course since beginning until now. Upon establishing the regional center of ICLARM in Egypt, we thought to host a part of the practical training of EICA course on our facility at Abbassa in a win-win situation. The idea was never implemented before 2003 where we hosted the program initially for five days during November 2003. Afterwards and based on the feedbacks from the course participants and EICA organizers and of course the World Fish Center management, the practical training of EICA courses on WorldFish facility turned to be a key component of the course reaching of about three weeks spread over the 70-day training course. The names of participants who joined the 2003 course are: Eleni Loni Lilaj (Albania), Jaime Vidal Claros (Bolivia), Kamugisha Marie France (Burundi), Magne Berthe (Cameroon), Ousman Hissein (Chad), Silvia Garcia Serrano (Colombia), Juan Carlos Salinas Vargas (Colombia), Abdou Mohamed Saleh (Comoros), Locko Christin (Congo), Jescitan Tetteh Sanakey (Ghana), Kondo Timite Mariama (Mali), Soonil Kumar Ramsaha (Mauritus), Myint Thein (Myanmar), Martin Chang Rojas (Peru), Michael Barbe (Seychelles), Onita Grace Farma (Sierra Leone), Samart Detsathit (Thailand), Santiwat Pithakpol (Thailand), Mayusa Joseph (Uganda), and Andrea Sylvia Croci Reyes (Uruguay).

Since the speaking languages of the course participants are English, French and Spanish, we had to furnish our auditorium at Abbassa with a simultaneous interpretation facility for the first time. The slide show presents the flavor of training provided throughout the course including presentations, field and laboratory training and having some social activities during the very last evening the ending with a good-bye ceremony.

Note: during 2003, the emailing system was not common and facebook was not existing and hence I lost contacts with most of the course participants except some email addresses I was able to find through regular search.

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