Use of rice straw bales in the very last fish harvest in earthen ponds in Egypt

Use of rice straw bales in fish harvest in Egypr


Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)

The pictures show how pond workers prepare bales of rice straw to harvest whatever remained in the catch ditch. This is the very last practice in pond harvesting before exposing the pond bottom to sun-drying. Not much fish is expected to recover through pushing the straw bales in the ditch expect some hard to catch specimens of catfish, tilapia and probably fish fry that would most likely die going through such harsh operation. The dense of the rice straw in the bale would push water and its content in front of it.

It may worth noting that rice straw has no cost especially in a governorate such as kafr El Sheikh which is a leading governorate in rice farming and where this fish farm is located.




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