Cage culture of rainbow trout in Alicura reservoir in Argentine (Video)

Cage culture of rainbow trout in Argentine


Video credit: Herman Hennig (Argentina)

Review: Herman Hennig and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website and video channel)


This video was filmed in Alicura reservoir where cage culture of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) is being practiced.

Rainbow trout was introduced to Argentine at the beginning of the twentieth century with the objective of stocking the Patagonian lakes for sport fishing before using the species in aquaculture especially rainbow trout has adapted to farming with most ease.

Beginning 1990s, most rainbow trout aquaculture has been practiced in suspended cages, while the land-based raceways continued to be used by small producers. In trout farming, 1-gram hatchery produced fingerlings are stocked in cages. However, a small percentage of eyed-eggs are imported from the United States.

Alicura Reservoir -where this video has been filmed- is located approximately 100 km north of San Carlos de Bariloche and is the first of a series of five reservoirs built on the Limay River. The reservoir is 40 km in length with an average depth of 48 m, and an area of 6700 ha. The water quality analysis of Alicura reservoir indicated its suitability for aquaculture which has been encouraged by provincial governments.




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