Oven fish grilling in a fish market in Egypt (Video)

Video ownership and description: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the video channel)



I filmed this video on January 4, 2018, during my visit to a relatively large fish market in Cairo (Zaton market). The facility shown is typical oven similar to the ones which have been used in bread making in rural areas. This grilling facility serves many of fish displays in the market. Usually, the instructions on the way of grilling are provided by fish buyers including spicing, stuffing, use of oil or coating with wheat bran and others.

Handling many trays of fish in the oven –as expected- requires close monitoring in the light of different species, different sizes, and various grilling types. All these factors are considered upon placing fish trays within the oven as well as the grilling time.
I should thank Mr. Ramy who gave me the opportunity to stay with him in front of his oven and answering my questions. Mr. Ramy claims that the quality of grilled fish is the best compared to the surface grill especially fish receives heat from all directions.


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