Initial applications of chicken manure in fish ponds (Video)

This video has been filmed during a training program held at the World Fish Center (Egypt). The present demonstration shows the spread of chicken manure over the entire bottom of the pond which is prepared for fish stocking. Typically, after the spread of the chicken manure, water is raised for about 15 to 20 cm in order to encourage the decomposition of the manure before raising the water higher.

As we know, the decomposition of organic manure requires oxygen obtained from the water and hence before fish stocking, an analysis should be done to ensure that the decomposition process is complete and the dissolved oxygen is normal. Unfortunately, if the stocking was done prior to the full decomposition of the manure, stocked fish may experience a significant stress due to the low dissolved oxygen which may lead to fish kill. In the absence of measuring equipment, a field test can be done through stocking some specimens of target fish into a small cage or hapa placed in the fertilized and watch for their performance and and/or survival.

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