Integrated fish-duck farming in Tanzania (Video)

The inserted video was filmed in a fish farm located in Kibisho (Kilimanjaro – Tanzania). Different types of integration are practiced on the farm including aquaculture-agriculture and aquaculture-duck production. The present video shows the fish-duck integration. The farm keeps two local strains of ducks which are reproduced on the farm through an incubator (not shown in the video). We have been told, no ducks have been sold for their meat until now and that is why one can see on the video ducks of different ages do exist. However, we have been told that once the number of ducks meets the requirement of fish ponds, extra ducks will be sold. The facility shows a shelter in which nursing of ducklings and feeding take place. The fish grown in the ponds are either Nile tilapia or African catfish. The present production of the farm is 50 – 60 tons of fish/year.


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