Natural spawning of tilapia in Madagascar using a simple practice

Photo credit: Marcel Jean Adavelo (Madagascar) – Review: Marcel Jean Adavelo and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)

As shown in the attached picture, the spawning tilapia pond is separated by a net with appropriate mesh size that retains the broodstock in a part of the pond while allows the produced fry and fingerlings to freely move back and forth from/to the pond partitions.

The manual lift tray located on the pond dyke is used to feed the fry/fingerlings as well as to collect them. As expected, the collection process continues for the fingerlings that pass through the net especially when attracted by feed. There will be always a possibility that some fingerlings may grow and stay in the breeding partition and turn too large to pass through the net. These will be sorted out upon the draining of the pond by the end of the spawning season. In brief, the simplicity of such system is a main issue to promote such system in small-scale aquaculture in Madagascar and other countries whenever the overall conditions permits.

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