Fish-vegetable-horticulture integration in Malawi

Photo credit: Madalitso Magombo (Malawi) Description: Madalitso Magombo and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)

The inserted picture shows an integrated farm of fish and vegetables as well as bananas (horticulture) that does exist in Zomba, Malawi and run by one of the fish farmers in the area.

The integrated aquaculture-agriculture (IAA) technology was introduced to Malawi in 1986 as a means to enhancing household food security, income and environmental sustainability. As shown in the inserted picture, the agricultural crops (vegetables and banana) benefit from the fish pond water with its load of nutrients and hence enhancing the plant growth and reduce their need for external fertilizers. On the other hand, the residues of the vegetables are also fed to the fish or used as manure representing an environmentally way of recycling.


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