Culture of Nile tilapia in integration with banana in Egypt

The two photos cover the overall integrated aquaculture-horticulture project. In this specific project, horticulture is represented by banana while Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) represents the aquaculture component. Because of water scarcity in Egypt, the surface irrigation of banana farming is not encouraged due to its high water consumption. In order to compromise between the restrictions placed on banana farming especially in some locations and the high marketing potential of banana especially in export markets, drip irrigation has been found the ideal approach in producing banana using minimum quantity of water. Added to that, the integration with aquaculture is a means to magnifying the value of water. The photo “A” shows the water reservoir that receives an allocated quantity of surface water for a banana. The photo “B” shows the mechanical filters used to filter and trap particulates of various types before passing the clean water to the drip irrigation system and ensure a proper function of the system nozzles and protect it from being blocked. In this particular project, it is estimated that the banana requirement of chemical fertilizers is significantly reduced for producing the same quantity of banana. The harmony between banana and fish should consider water requirement by banana, particulates produced in the system due to fish culture and the capacity of the filtration system.

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