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Desert aquaculture: Integration of intensive tilapia culture and horticulture crops in Egypt – Video

Credit: Mohamed El Gazzar (Egypt) This project is is located in Mullak Valley, Ismaelia, Egypt. This integrated project has two main components; fish and horticulture. The total acreage of the project is 8 hectares. Fish production component includes four 250-m3 tanks of 130 cm water depth. One of which, is allocated for the production of …

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Culture of Nile tilapia in integration with banana in Egypt

The two photos cover the overall integrated aquaculture-horticulture project. In this specific project, horticulture is represented by banana while Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) represents the aquaculture component. Because of water scarcity in Egypt, the surface irrigation of banana farming is not encouraged due to its high water consumption. In order to compromise between the restrictions …

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Tilapia farming in water reservoirs of horticulture farms in Egypt

This integration approach has been adopted by some horticulture farms such as gouva and banana. Economic indications are promising. Fertile water when used in horticulture farm would reduced the demand for chemical fertilizers and hence improve the economics of the horticulture farm. In fact, if the right match between fish biomass and horticulture acreage, this …

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