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Recirculated tunnel tilapia culture in Grahamstown, South Africa

Credit: Nick James (Rivendell Hatchery – South Africa)         This tunnel grow-out tilapia farm is located in Grahamstown, South Africa. Red tilapia (O. mossambicus is the fish grown in this farm). Each greenhouse measures 46×8 meters. There are 20 tanks under the greenhouse of 7000 l each; water depth in the tanks …

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Desert aquaculture: Integration of intensive tilapia culture and horticulture crops in Egypt – Video

Credit: Mohamed El Gazzar (Egypt) This project is is located in Mullak Valley, Ismaelia, Egypt. This integrated project has two main components; fish and horticulture. The total acreage of the project is 8 hectares. Fish production component includes four 250-m3 tanks of 130 cm water depth. One of which, is allocated for the production of …

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