Commercial salt extraction from Lake Qarun, Egypt (Video)

Credit for the video: Albert Mugabe(Uganda); Description: Abdel Rahman El Gamal

Since the disconnection of Nile water reaching Lake Qarun (21,800 ha), Fayoum (Egypt), the lake has been facing the consequences of the rising of water salinity. This results of the evaporation of lake water that originates from agricultural draining water. The threating of salinity increase to the lake fishery called for mitigation approaches especially when we know that the total build-up of salt in the lake is estimated by about 600,000 tons annually. The salt extraction proved to be the realistic and effective approaches so far.

This video has been taken in unit of much larger salt extraction factory (Emisal). The infrastructure and so the technologies in practice allow the extraction of about 300,000 tons of salt/year composed of sodium chloride, sodium sulfate and magnesium sulfate.

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