Feeding of whiteleg shrimp, Liptopenaeus vannamei in Thailand

Credit: Wanna Thawinwan (Thailand)

The three photos address the shrimp feeding in a typical fish farm in Thailand whereas technical and economic issues are considered.

Commercially formulated pelleted feed is used throughout the growing season. The pellet size and so its protein contents vary according to shrimp size as shown in the following Table.


Average size of shrimp (g)

Protein content of feed

0.002 – 0.25

50 %

0.25 – 1.0


1.0 – 3.0




The cost of a 25-kg feed sac ranges from 25-30 USD (price in August 2012).

Feeding is usually carried out three times/day whereas a boat is used to distribute the feed.

To avoid over feeding –or underfeeding- the feeding plate (tray) is checked 2 hours after feeding. Based on the level of feed consumption or left over, quantity of feed could be adjusted. Daily feed is used based on shrimp estimated standing crop and the feeding percentage of shrimp weight that declines as shrimp grows.

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