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The size of feed pellet and the width of fish mouth – Video

  The inserted video shows the feeding of tilapia fingerlings. As shown in the video, the size of the floating pellets is too large to be swallowed by the fingerlings that are chasing the feed trying to get a bite after another. In this case, fish will spend unnecessary extra energy during feeding that would …

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Sturgeon nutrition and feeding

Photo credit: Facundo Marquez (Estuario del Plata – Uruguay) Review: Facundo Marquez and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)       This photo has been taken in a commercial caviar producing farm in Uruguay. The feed mill shown in the inserted photo belongs to the farm and produced feed and feed ingredients are certified …

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Feeding of whiteleg shrimp, Liptopenaeus vannamei in Thailand

Credit: Wanna Thawinwan (Thailand) The three photos address the shrimp feeding in a typical fish farm in Thailand whereas technical and economic issues are considered. Commercially formulated pelleted feed is used throughout the growing season. The pellet size and so its protein contents vary according to shrimp size as shown in the following Table.   Average …

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