Stocking of Nile tilapia fingerlings in Lake Nasser (Egypt) – Video

Releasing tilapia fingerlings in Lake NasserThe video covers different phases of the stocking of tilapia fingerlings in Lake Nasser. The stocked species is Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus. The video shows the broodstock facilities and maintenance in one of the three hatcheries devoted to produce the fingerlings required for the restocking. The nursing of tilapia fry is briefly shown in the video. Tilapia fingerlings are transported on proper vehicles to reach a ship which is equipped by fish holding tanks and once the release location is reached, fingerlings are released into the lake. The stocking of about 10-15 million tilapia fingerlings in the lake is a debatable issue especially the impact of the practice is not quantified and hence the rationality of the practice is based on only field observations.


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