Sun-drying of fish at Tanji landing site, Gambia

Credit: Peter K Mendy (Gambia)

The photos show fish sun-drying at Tanji landing site, Gambia. Because of the very warm climate in Gambia especially during the period June-October, and the limited ice supply and cold storage facilities at the fish landing site, landed fish may spoil very fast. Therefore, the sun-drying of fish which are in excess to sold fresh fish is considered a practical method for fish preservation. Sun-drying is carried out by women.

One of the photo shows a large quantity of bonga (Ethmolosa Fimbriata ) which undergoes sun-drying whereas the second photo shows the sun-drying of Aris spp. in the front and bonga in the back. Often, dried fish is only used in small quantities to add flavor to stews.

Gambia - fish sun-drying (01) Gambia - fish sun-drying (02)



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