Fish smoking in Tanji landing site (Gambia)

Credit: Peter K Mendy (Gambia)

The photos show the smoking of fish in Tanji landing site. The species which are often smoked include bonga (Ethmolosa fimbriata) 40%, Catfish( Arius Spp) and Baracuda (Spyraena Spp), Shark, polydactylus quadrilis, and sardinella spp. The smoked fish are highly accepted –especially smoked bonga- and widely consumed in the country due to its affordability and availability all-year round. In general, bonga constitutes 80% of the landings; 40% of which are preserved by smoking. The smoking is done by hired men. Smoked fish is always cheaper compared to fresh fish. A part of smoked fish is exported to neighbor countries like Nigeria.

 Gambia - smoking and smoked fish (01) Gambia - smoking and smoked fish (02)



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