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Consumption of dried fish “Kajake” in Sudan

Credit: Mai Tawfig Ahmed and Gamal Ibrahim Hamid (Sudan) Supplemented by: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)       In Sudan, about 70% of fin fish is consumed fresh while 25% is consumed sun-dried leaving about 5% of total fish consumed wet salted. The inserted picture shows dried catfish which is mostly …

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Smoked catfishes in Togo

Credit: Pham Beigue Alfa (Togo) The two photos show smoked fish produced by artisanal fishery in Togo. The key smoked fish are catfishes of the species Clarias sp., and Synodontis sp. Smoked fish is popular in the fish market in Togo whereas its market price is higher than fresh fish. Note: We decided not to watermark …

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