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Culture of meagre (Argyrosomus regius) in Egypt

Credit: Sherif Sadek (Egypt) Meagre (meager) proved to be a new candidate in Egyptian aquaculture. The preliminary efforts to adapt Meagre to aquaculture were done by the private sector, starting in 1996 in Damietta Governorate. Ongoing meagre farming operations rely on trash fish and small shrimp as the only feeding source whereas a harvest of …

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Farming of meagre “Argyrosomus regius” in Egypt – Video

Credit for the video/information: Sherif Sadek                                            Description: Abdel Rahman El Gamal The video shows some of pond management of “Meagre” (Argyrosomus regius), in Egypt especially feeding and harvesting. There is a growing interest in …

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Harvest of Indian carps (India) – Video

Credit: Indian fish farmers and G. Venkata Raju (India) Labeo rohita (Rohu) and Catla catla (Boche) are two popular fishes among the Indian Major Carps in fish farming practices. The production ranges between 15 – 20 ton/ha at the places where the carp farming is going on in commercial way. The farmers use conventional feeds …

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