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Road transport of fish in Gambia

Credit: Peter K Mendy (Gambia) The photo is taken at Tanji landing site and shows one of fish transportation trucks which are usually hired to transport fish to local markets in Gambia as well as to local fish factories. The truck transport of Gambia fish extends to neighboring countries like Senegal and Guinea Conakry.   …

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Transportation of tilapia fingerlings in local aquaculture system in Rwanda

Credit: Fidele Kampayana (Rwanda) The photos show a local system for transporting the fingerlings of Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus produced from natural spawning system carried out in earthen ponds -as seen in one of the photos-  of about 500 m2.  The transportation tank as shown in the photo is a plastic can of a volume that can range …

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Live Fish Handling

This presentation covers a wide array of practices carried out in aquaculture. Even though the contents of this presentation are diversified, but they are interrelated. The main parts of this presentation are stocking- sampling- harvesting- grading- marking- Anesthesia and transportation. The presentation is furnished by numerous principals, examples and illustrations [important]Live Fish Handling (2011)[/important]

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