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Live fish handling (Updated 2014 version)

This lecture was delivered in the Fish Culture Development training course which started on April 2014. This course is organized by the Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture “EICA” and supported by Japan International Cooperation Agency “JICA”. The course hosts 16 African trainees from 11 African countries. The lecture focused on issues related to the handling …

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Aquaculture of rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss in Peru (stocking and sampling)

Photos’ ownership: Centro Acuicola Huayllampi  (Peru) Donated by: Wilder Rodriguez Arteaga (Peru)  The two photos show parts (stocking and sampling) of a project on rainbow trout,  Oncorhynchus mykiss which is conducted at “Centro Acuicola Huayllampi”.  Stocking: The photo shows the thermal acclimation of the rainbow trout seeds to tank temperature (19 ° C) before the stocking …

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Live Fish Handling

This presentation covers a wide array of practices carried out in aquaculture. Even though the contents of this presentation are diversified, but they are interrelated. The main parts of this presentation are stocking- sampling- harvesting- grading- marking- Anesthesia and transportation. The presentation is furnished by numerous principals, examples and illustrations [important]Live Fish Handling (2011)[/important]

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