Aquaculture of rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss in Peru (stocking and sampling)

Photos’ ownership: Centro Acuicola Huayllampi  (Peru)

Donated by: Wilder Rodriguez Arteaga (Peru)

 The two photos show parts (stocking and sampling) of a project on rainbow trout,  Oncorhynchus mykiss which is conducted at “Centro Acuicola Huayllampi”.

 Stocking: The photo shows the thermal acclimation of the rainbow trout seeds to tank temperature (19 ° C) before the stocking of fingerlings which often have a length of about 5 cm and average weight of about 2-3 gram.

Sampling: The photo shows taking necessary measurements of farmed trout during an advanced periodic sampling that has been carried out biweekly in this project.  Based on the sampling information, the condition of sampled fish could be assessed. Moreover, feeding rates are adjusted and so the harvesting time is determined.

Note: We decided not to watermark the photos in order not to upset its clarity. However, we trust you will notify us if you wish to use a picture or more. This is expected and will be appreciated.

Stocking of rainbow trout (Chile) Sampling of rainbow trout in Chile

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