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Biological briefing on “Doncella”

Doncella, Pseudoplatystoma is a South American catfish that belongs to the family Pimelodidae. The photo shows one of doncella species; Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum, which is known as “tiger shovelnose catfish”. Doncellas typically inhabit major South American rivers, lakes, flooded forests and other freshwater habitats. These fishes are important as a food fish in addition to the demand they enjoy in aquarium …

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Reef stonefish, Synanceia verrucosa (introduction, distribution, feeding habits, reproduction, commercial value)- video

This video was taken during June 2012 at the Sea World, California, USA Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website and video channel) Introduction: The stonefish, Synanceia verrucosa which belongs to the family Synanceiidae is a fish species, which is widely known as the reef stonefish, rockfish or “dornorn”. The average length of most stonefish …

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