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Outcomes of the in-captivity reproduction initiative of octopus (Octopus tetricus) in Australia

Photos’ credit: Dr sagiv Kolkovski (Australia) Review: Sagiv Kolkovski and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of this website)             This work has been conducted at the Western Australian Fisheries and Marine Research Laboratories (WAFMRL) based at Hillarys Boat Harbor, north of Perth. The document of this project covers in details …

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Biological briefing on “Doncella”

Doncella, Pseudoplatystoma is a South American catfish that belongs to the family Pimelodidae. The photo shows one of doncella species; Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum, which is known as “tiger shovelnose catfish”. Doncellas typically inhabit major South American rivers, lakes, flooded forests and other freshwater habitats. These fishes are important as a food fish in addition to the demand they enjoy in aquarium …

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Hatchery technology and early nursing of black catfish, Rhamdia quelen in Uruguay

Photo credit: Claudia Turra (Uruguay) –  Description: Claudia Turra and Abdel Rahman El Gamal In nature, the black catfish, Rhamdia quelen reproduce during most of the year except during the winter months. Being fractional spawners, females release small amounts of eggs several times during the spawning season. The absolute fecundity (number of eggs/female) could range from about …

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